# Vue Storefront 2 for Magento

Welcome to the documentation of Vue Storefront 2 integration for Magento 2.

It's part of our ecosystem of integrations and extensions, which you can learn more about in our core documentation (opens new window).

# Where to start?

To get started, see the following guides:

# Demo

If you want to see the integration in action, we have three demo environments where you can see and test Magento 2 integration for Vue Storefront in action. If you find a bug in any of them, please create an issue (opens new window) in our repository to let us know about it.

# Production environment

In the production environment, you can see the latest released and stable version of the integration. It should be visually and feature-wise identical to the new project installed using our CLI.


Please use this environment to replicate or validate any issue in the integration.

Production demo (opens new window)

# Staging environment

In the staging environment, we are testing new releases. It should be relatively stable, but you might still encounter some bugs.


Don't use this environment to check for errors and issues, as this is the final development pipeline environment.

Staging demo (opens new window)

# Development environment

In the development environment, we are testing the develop branch, which might contain unfinished or experimental features. It might be unstable both visually and feature-wise.


Don't use this environment to check for errors and issues. The code deployed are very fresh and can contain bugs and errors.

Development environment (opens new window)