Type of tests

We have a few type of tests:

  • static code analysis (eslint)
  • type tests (TypeScript)
  • unit/integration (Jest & @testing-library/vue)
  • e2e (Cypress)
  • manual testing

Getting started with Unit testing


  1. Test application from a user perspective and hide implementation details in tests.
  2. Focus on theme package testing
  3. Write data-driven tests
  4. Use describe block to group tests
  5. Use it function to write test cases


Tools that we use for unit testing:

  1. Vue testing library (opens new window)
  2. Jest (opens new window)
  3. jest-dom (opens new window)
  4. user-event (opens new window)
  5. TestingPlayground (opens new window)

Before start

We recommend reading these articles before starting writing unit tests:

Custom render method

We have custom render method built on top of testing library render (opens new window) method.

function render(Component, options, callbackFunction) {
  return {


Take a look at the description of parameters that render function has:


The valid Vue Component to be tested.


An object containing additional information to be passed to @vue/test-utils mount (opens new window).

Read more about options here (opens new window).


function callbackFunction(vueInstance, vuexStore, router) {}

A callback function that receives the Vue instance as a parameter. Its return value is merged with options, allowing 3rd party plugins to be installed prior to mount. To see how this works, see the example using vue-i18n (opens new window).

Example of use

import { render } from '~/test-utils';
import ComponmentToTest from '../ComponentToTest';

test('Should display Hello world', () => {
  const { getByText } = render(ComponmentToTest);

  expect(getByText('Hello world')).toBeInTheDocument();
Passing props
const { getByText } = render(Component, {
  props: {
    myProps: true,
Passing mocks
const $mock = jesyt.fn();

const { getByText } = render(Component, {
  mocks: {

How to add test

Let's imagine that you want to test packages/theme/components/CartSidebar.vue component.

  1. Add CartSidebar.spec.js file to packages/theme/components/__tests__ directory
  2. If __tests__ directory does not exist, please create a new one
  3. Add describe block and tests inside it.


  1. Each test file should have *.spec.js prefix
  2. Each test file should be placed inside __tests__ directory


Our approach assuming mock composable in unit tests. To do so you can use existing mocks that are exported from ~/test-utils. You can find them in packages/theme/test-utils/mocks directory

In case when you can find existing mock, please create a new one:

  1. Add file with mock in packages/theme/test-utils/mocks directory
  2. Re-export the mock in packages/theme/test-utils/mocks/index.js file

Example of use mock in test

import { useGuestUser, useUser } from '@vue-storefront/magento';
import { render, useUserMock, useGuestUserMock } from '~/test-utils';

import UserAccount from '../UserAccount'; // component to test

jest.mock('@vue-storefront/magento', () => ({
  useGuestUser: jest.fn(),
  useUser: jest.fn(),

test('Email should be validated', async () => {

 // (...)

Extending default mock

You can extend default mock by passing an object with props that you want to extend as a argument to mock function:

const attachToCartMock = jest.fn();

  attachToCart: attachToCartMock,

Mocking other modules

Sometimes you need to extend some external composables, or extend only one composable returned by whole package. Here is the recipe:

jest.mock('@nuxtjs/composition-api', () => {
  // Require the original module to not be mocked...
  const originalModule = jest.requireActual('@nuxtjs/composition-api');

  return {
    useRouter: jest.fn(),


In case when something should be set-up before test running, you should use packages/theme/jest-setup.js file. Take a look at the current implementation:

import '@testing-library/jest-dom';
import Vue from 'vue';

Vue.directive('e2e', {});

Sample test files

Please take a look at these test files to see the aproach:

  1. packages/theme/pages/Checkout/__tests__/UserAccount.spec.js
  2. packages/theme/components/__tests__/AddtoWishlist.spec.js

Testing library cheatsheet (opens new window)