useFacet Composable

Allows searching for products with pagination, totals and sorting options.

Learn more about the products query options from the Magento docs (opens new window).

The result property will contain the data returned from the search and together with getters, can be used to retrieve the products, supported sorting behavior, and pagination data.


useFacet returns the following properties:

  • search - searches your catalog for items with a given query object with your search parameters.
  • result - the result of the search
  • loading - a boolean indicating if the search is in progress
  • error - an error object if the search failed


There also a few facetGetters that can be used to easily retrieve data from the result.

  • getSortOptions - returns the available sorting options for the current search
  • getProducts - returns the products for the current search
  • getPagination - returns the pagination data for the current search


Getting Products

To help with hydration of your page, you can use the ssrRef function (opens new window) from @nuxtjs/composition-api that will pass your server-side state to the client-side.

import { ssrRef } from '@nuxtjs/composition-api'
import { useFacet } from '~/composables';
import facetGetters from '~/modules/catalog/category/getters/facetGetters';

const { result, search, loading, error } = useFacet();
const products = ssrRef([]);

await search({ term	: 'value' }); // will perform a text search

const products = facetGetters.getProducts(result.value)


The result from your search will contain the available sorting options for the current search. You can use these options to display a dropdown to the user to allow them to change the sorting behavior.

import type { SortingOptionsValuesEnum } from '~/modules/catalog/category/composables/useFacet/sortingOptions';
const { search, result, loading, error } = useFacet();
const sortBy = ref({selected: '', options: []});

await search({ category_uid	: 'fc2e8382-b344-4526-a42a-1571ff889eb6' });

// with a default sort
await search({ category_uid	: 'fc2e8382-b344-4526-a42a-1571ff889eb6', sort: SortingOptionsValuesEnum.NAME_ASC });

sortBy.value = facetGetters.getSortOptions(result.value); // get the sorting options

Possible values for options
  { label: 'Default', value: '' },
  { label: 'Name (A-Z)', value: 'name_ASC' },
  { label: 'Name (Z-A)', value: 'name_DESC' },
  { label: 'Price (Low to High)', value: 'price_ASC' },
  { label: 'Price (High to Low)', value: 'price_DESC' }

Fetching all products from a category

const { search, result, loading, error } = useFacet();
// by category uid
await search({ category_uid	: 'fc2e8382-b344-4526-a42a-1571ff889eb6' });

// by category slug
await search({ categorySlug	: 'shirts' }); 

Filtering by price

await search({ filters: { price: '100_200' } });

Filtering by name

await search({ filters: { name: 'Shirt' } });


For pagination, you can use the getPagination getter to get the pagination data for the current search. This will return an object with the following properties:

  • currentPage - the current page number
  • totalPages - the total number of pages
  • itemsPerPage - the number of items per page
  • totalItems - the total number of items

When you make a search request, you can pass in a page parameter to specify which page you want to fetch and adjust the itemsPerPage. By default, the itemsPerPage is set to 20.

import { useFacet } from '~/composables';
import facetGetters from '~/modules/catalog/category/getters/facetGetters';
const pagination = ref('');

await search({ category_uid	: 'fc2e8382-b344-4526-a42a-1571ff889eb6' });
// change items per page
await search({ category_uid	: 'fc2e8382-b344-4526-a42a-1571ff889eb6', itemsPerPage: 100 });
// change page for search
await search({ category_uid	: 'fc2e8382-b344-4526-a42a-1571ff889eb6', itemsPerPage: 100, page: 2 });

pagination.value = facetGetters.getPagination(result.value); // gets current pagination info


 * The {@link useFacet} search params data structure
export interface FacetSearchParams {
  categorySlug?: string;
  rootCatSlug?: string;
  term?: string;
  page?: number;
  itemsPerPage?: number;
  sort?: string;
  filters?: Record<string, string[]>;
  metadata?: any;
  [x: string]: any;

 * The {@link useFacet} search result data structure
export interface SearchResultData {
  items: ProductInterface[],
  total: number,
  availableSortingOptions: SortingOption[],
  perPageOptions: number[],
  itemsPerPage: number

 * The {@link useFacet} search results contain the parameters used to filter and
 * the obtained data that matches it.
export interface UseFacetSearchResult {
  /** The data obtained in the search. */
  data: SearchResultData;
  /** The parameters used to filter the search. */
  input: FacetSearchParams;

 * The {@link useFacet} error object. The properties values' are the errors
 * thrown by its methods.
export interface UseFacetErrors {
  /** Error when searching with facets fails, otherwise is `null`. */
  search: Error | null;

/** The params received by {@link useFacet}'s `search` method. */
export type UseFacetSearchParams = ComposableFunctionArgs<FacetSearchParams>;

 * Data and methods returned from the {@link useFacet} composable.
export interface UseFacetInterface {
   * Contains errors from any of the composable methods.
   * Read {@link UseFacetErrors} documentation for more details.
  error: DeepReadonly<Ref<UseFacetErrors>>;

   * Contains the search results from the last search.
   * Read {@link UseFacetSearchResult} documentation for more details.
  result: Ref<UseFacetSearchResult>;

  /** Indicates whether any of the composable methods is in progress. */
  loading: Readonly<Ref<boolean>>;

  /** Searches for products using facets. */
  search(params?: UseFacetSearchParams): Promise<void>;

// Sorting

export interface SortingModel {
  selected: string,
  options: SortingOption[]

export interface SortingOption {
  label: string,
  value: SortingOptionsValuesEnum

export enum SortingOptionsValuesEnum {
  DEFAULT = '',
  NAME_ASC = 'name_ASC',
  NAME_DESC = 'name_DESC',
  PRICE_ASC = 'price_ASC',
  PRICE_DESC = 'price_DESC',