# List of composables

# useAddresses

Allows loading and manipulating addresses of the current user. These addresses can be used for both billing and shipping.

See the UseAddressesInterface for more information.

# useApi

Allows executing arbitrary GraphQL queries and mutations.

See the UseApiInterface for more information.

# useBilling

Allows loading and saving billing information of the current cart.

See the UseBillingInterface for more information.

# useCart

Allows loading and manipulating cart of the current user.

See the UseCartInterface for more information.

# useCategory

Allows loading categories from Magento API. It is commonly used in navigation menus, and provides the load function and refs for the categories, loading and error.

See the UseCategoryInterface for more information.

# useCategorySearch

Allows searching for categories. It is commonly used in subtrees navigation.

See the UseCategorySearchInterface for more information.

# useConfig

Allows interacting with the store configuration.

See the UseConfigInterface for more information.

# useContent

Allows loading CMS Pages or Blocks from Magento API.

See the UseContentInterface for more information.

# useCountrySearch

Allows fetching a list of countries or a single country by ID

See the UseCountrySearchInterface for more information.

# useCurrency

Allows loading and changing the currency.

See the UseCurrencyInterface for more information.

# useExternalCheckout (Work in progress)

Allows redirecting to external checkout process. It depends on the magento2-external-checkout repository (opens new window).

See the UseExternalCheckoutInterface for more information.

# useFacet

Allows searching for products with pagination, totals and sorting options.

See the UseFacetInterface for more information.

# useForgotPassword

Allows to request a password reset email and to set a new password to a user.

Se the UseForgotPasswordInterface for more information.

# useGetShippingMethods

Allows fetching shipping methods available for a given cart.

See the UseGetShippingMethodsInterface for more information.

# useGuestUser

Allows to attach a guest cart to a user.

See the UseGuestUserInterface for more information.

# useImage

Allows extracting image paths from magento URL.

See the UseImageInterface for more information.

# useMagentoConfiguration

Allows getting the Magento's major definitions, e.g., the selected currency, store, locale, and config object.

See the UseMagentoConfigurationInterface for more information.

# useMakeOrder

Allows making an order from a cart.

See the UseMakeOrderInterface for more information.

# useNewsletter

Allows updating the subscription status of an email in the newsletter.

See the UseNewsletterInterface for more information.

# usePaymentProvider

Allows loading the available payment methods for current cart, and selecting (saving) one of them.

See the UsePaymentProviderInterface for more information.

# useProduct

Allows loading product details or list with params for sorting, filtering and pagination.

See the UseProductInterface for more information.

# useRelatedProducts

Allows searching for related products with params for sort, filter and pagination.

See the UseRelatedProductsInterface for more information.

# useReview

Allows loading and adding product reviews.

See the UseReviewInterface for more information.

# useShipping

Allows loading the shipping information for the current cart and saving (selecting) other shipping information for the same cart.

See the UseShippingInterface for more information.

# useShippingProvider

Allows loading the shipping provider for the current cart and saving (selecting) other shipping provider for the same cart.

See the UseShippingProviderInterface for more information.

# useStore

Allows loading and changing currently active store.

See the UseStoreInterface for more information.

# useUiHelpers

Allows handling the parameters for filtering, searching, sorting and pagination in the URL search/query params.

See the UseUiHelpersInterface for more information.

# useUiNotification

Allows managing and showing notifications to the user.

See the UseUiNotificationInterface for more information.

# useUiState

Global store for managing UI state.

See the UseUiStateInterface for more information.

# useUpsellProducts

Allows loading upsell products.

See the UseUpsellProductsInterface for more information.

# useUrlResolver

Allows searching the resolver for current route path (URL).

See the UseUrlResolverInterface for more information.

# useUser

Allows loading and manipulating data of the current user.

See the UseUserInterface for more information.

# useUserAddress

Allows loading and manipulating addresses of the current user.

See the UseUserAddressInterface for more information.

# useUserOrder

Allows fetching customer orders.

See the UseUserOrderInterface for more information.

# useWishlist

Allows loading and manipulating wishlist of the current user.

See the UseWishlistInterface for more information.