# Override default queries

To override one or multiple queries without creating a custom composable for each usage, you can override the defaults ones with the customQueries attribute in the middleware.config.jsfile.

# Examples

Below is the example on how to override the default query for productList.

# Overriding query

In this example we will override products query by adding cld_data field that will retrieve Cloudinary image data from Magento.


In order to query cld_data, you need to have Cloudinary Magento extension (opens new window) installed in your Magento project.

  1. Inside the theme's root let's create a customQueries directory, and copy the content of the default productsList query from vuestorefront/magento2/packages/api-client/src/api/products/productsList.ts file (opens new window) into the newly created directory.

You can modify the query inside this file by adding cld_data with fields to the existing query as below:

import gql from 'graphql-tag';

export default gql`
  query productsList($search: String = "", $filter: ProductAttributeFilterInput, $pageSize: Int = 10, $currentPage: Int = 1, $sort: ProductAttributeSortInput) {
    products(search: $search, filter: $filter, pageSize: $pageSize, currentPage: $currentPage, sort: $sort) {
      aggregations {
        options {
      items {
        cld_data {
      page_info {


Make sure you have graphgl-tag installed as dependency prior using this sample code.

  1. In middleware.config.js, import the modified query
import customProductsQuery from './customQueries/productList';
  1. Add a new property field customQueries under integrations.magento with the following code:
  module.exports = {
    integrations: {
      magento: {
        customQueries: {
          /* This is where we override the default query */
          products: (context) => ({
            query: customProductsQuery,  // Your custom query

4. Now you can restart your dev environment and view the updated data queried.

::: warning
`thumbnail` is a must-have field to query. It is used for our default image rendering (for Nuxt image). DO NOT remove it from the query in any circumstance.

### Important notes

**Only** attributes presented on `ProductInterface` are accessible via GraphQL without any additional modification on the Magento side.

To be able to get any custom attributes you must extend GraphQL schema in the Magento2. Follow [Magento 2 documentation](https://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.4/graphql/develop/extend-existing-schema.html) to achieve that.