# Getting started

# Configuring your SFCC integration

First you should generate your project from our CLI (opens new window).

The first thing you should do after setting it up is changing the credentials to point into your instance.

For information on setting up the required API clients and configurations for your choses API interface:

Set up your configuiration values into the sfcc config object inside integrations in middleware.config.js. By default environment variables can be used:

module.exports = {
  integrations: {
    sfcc: {
      location: '@vue-storefront/sfcc-api/server',
      configuration: {
        cache: process.env.SFCC_CACHE !== 'false',
        timeout: process.env.SFCC_TIMEOUT || 10000,
        origin: process.env.SFCC_ORIGIN,
        siteId: process.env.SFCC_SITE_ID,
        capiClientId: process.env.SFCC_CAPI_CLIENT_ID,
        ocapiClientId: process.env.SFCC_OCAPI_CLIENT_ID,
        ocapiVersion: process.env.SFCC_OCAPI_VERSION,
        commerceApiVersion: process.env.SFCC_CAPI_VERSION || 'v1',
        shortCode: process.env.SFCC_SHORT_CODE,
        organizationId: process.env.SFCC_ORGANIZATION_ID,
        viewType: process.env.SFCC_PRODUCT_IMAGE_VIEW_TYPE,
        cookieNames: {
          capiAuthToken: process.env.SFCC_COOKIES_CAPI_TOKEN || 'vsf-sfcc-capi-token',
          ocapiAuthToken: process.env.SFCC_COOKIES_OCAPI_TOKEN || 'vsf-sfcc-ocapi-token'
        clientHeaders: {
          capiAuthToken: process.env.SFCC_CLIENT_HEADERS_CAPI_TOKEN || 'x-vsf-sfcc-capi-token',
          ocapiAuthToken: process.env.SFCC_CLIENT_HEADERS_OCAPI_TOKEN || 'x-vsf-sfcc-ocapi-token',
          currency: process.env.SFCC_CLIENT_HEADERS_CURRENCY || 'x-vsf-sfcc-currency',
          locale: process.env.SFCC_CLIENT_HEADERS_LOCALE || 'x-vsf-sfcc-locale'

For a detailed description of the project configuration and the various available options check here

# Configuring other integrations

Depending on the configuration and if you're using Enterprise version you could have additional integrations to set up. You will find their configurations in middleware.config.js