# useMakeOrder

# Features

useMakeOrder composable is responsible for making an order


  • make - function for making an order.
  • order: Order - a main data object that contains a made order.
type Order = {
  adjustedMerchandizeTotalTax?: number;
  adjustedShippingTotalTax?: number;
  billingAddress?: OrderAddress;
  bonusDiscountLineItems?: Array<BonusDiscountLineItem>;
  channelType?: string;
  confirmationStatus?: string;
  couponItems?: Array<CouponItem>;
  createdBy?: string;
  creationDate?: any;
  currency?: string;
  customerInfo?: CustomerInfo;
  customerName?: string;
  exportStatus?: string;
  externalOrderStatus?: string;
  giftCertificateItems?: Array<GiftCertificateItem>;
  globalPartyId?: string;
  lastModified?: any;
  merchandizeTotalTax?: number;
  notes?: SimpleLink;
  orderNo?: string;
  orderPriceAdjustments?: Array<PriceAdjustment>;
  orderToken?: string;
  orderTotal?: number;
  paymentInstruments?: Array<OrderPaymentInstrument>;
  paymentStatus?: string;
  productItems?: Array<ProductItem>;
  productSubTotal?: number;
  productTotal?: number;
  shipments?: Array<Shipment>;
  shippingItems?: Array<ShippingItem>;
  shippingStatus?: string;
  shippingTotal?: number;
  shippingTotalTax?: number;
  siteId?: string;
  sourceCode?: string;
  status?: string;
  taxTotal?: number;
  taxation?: string;
  • loading: boolean - a reactive object containing information about loading state of your make method.

  • error: UseMakeOrderErrors - a reactive object containing the error message, if load or save failed for any reason.

interface UseMakeOrderErrors {
  make?: Error;

# Getters

We do not provide getters for checkout and its parts.

# Example

import { useMakeOrder } from '@vue-storefront/sfcc';
export default {
  setup () {
    const { make, order } = useMakeOrder();
    return {