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The Vue Storefront Cloud instance is a Kubernetes namespace - that namespace is a logicaly separated area of the cluster which contains components required for application to function properly.

The number of instances you get access to depends on your agreeement with Vue Storefront. A common scenario is that you get access to two instances from the Vue Storefront Cloud team - prod and non-prod.


Each instance includes the following services (Kubernetes pods):

NAME                                      READY   STATUS             RESTARTS   AGE
nginx-5475cc5996-jqdg5                    1/1     Running            1          28d
nginx-5475cc5996-kczc6                    1/1     Running            1          28d
vue-storefront-6fbbb884b4-6ncvb           1/1     Running            0          42d
vue-storefront-6fbbb884b4-vrdrp           1/1     Running            0          39d


This service is a reverse proxy for VSF application and every additional application.

Vue Storefront

It is your Vue Storefront application.

Additional application (optional)

You might want to extend the functionality of your VSF application - to do that, you deploy additional service with your custom application. It will be visible as an additional pod (or pods):

NAME                                         READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
additional-app-middleware-58756b7fd8-2wcr4   1/1     Running   0          26d
additional-app-middleware-58756b7fd8-g9ntj   1/1     Running   0          26d
nginx-5475cc5996-jqdg5                       1/1     Running   1          28d

Read more about custom applications here.

Instance naming convention

Your instances are named according to the following convention:



for example: demo-europe-west1-gcp-storefrontcloud-io



for example: demo-test-europe-west1-gcp-storefrontcloud-io


The instances are bound to the public URL addresses. Communication is secured by SSL certificate which is generated on Kubernetes Ingress level. Each instance gets a default public domain that follows below pattern:

  • <customer-name>.<cloud-region>

You can configure custom domains for your instances. Check Custom domain and custom certificate page for more information.

Vue Storefront Cloud Architecture Diagram with Data Flow

This diagram is a graphical representation of an environment and data flow in Vue Storefront Cloud on Google Cloud and Kubernetes.

Vue Storefront Cloud Architecture