Upgrading to 3.0.0


This migration guide helps developers using our Adyen Magento 2 integration to upgrade to version 3.0.0.

The main and the most important change is the value of an order ID.

orderId is now incrementId instead of entityId

We don't want to share entityId of order object to the frontend. That's why we decided to switch value of orderId to the incrementId

New signatures of hooks

We decided to modify arguments of these two hooks to objects so it will be much easier to introduce new values without breaking changes in the future.

Where to update Old signature New signature
[!] middleware.config.js buildRedirectUrlAfterAuth: (orderId: number, request: Request) => string buildRedirectUrlAfterAuth: (params: { orderId: string, request: Request }) => string
[!] middleware.config.js buildRedirectUrlAfterError: (err: Error, request: Request, orderId?: number) => string; buildRedirectUrlAfterError: (params: { err: Error, request: Request, orderId: string }) => string;

incrementId available in afterPay

Now, when you access order.id in afterPay props of PaymentAdyenProvider.vue - it will be an incrementId instead of entityId from Magento2.

const afterPay = async ({ order }) => {
  console.log('Magento incrementId: ', order.id);