# Bloomreach Content Integration Guide

Here you can find integration guide for Bloomreach Content (opens new window) CMS.

This integration is different than other CMS integrations in VSF ecosystem. Reason for that is the way Bloomreach Content is designed as a software, we approached this one differently to take advantage of all awesome stuff Bloomreach Content makes possible.

This integrations consists only of Nuxt.js components, categorized in folders:

  • cms - the storefrontUI components, which will be used to create content itself
  • components - here you can find default VSF components, but modified for integration
  • pages - pages that are setup for using Bloomreach Content
  • layouts - layout for Vuestorefront/Bloomreach Content application, this one is responsible for fetching and providing data to the rest of the components

By using this connection you will receive special data that can be used to build autogenerated components from Storefront UI (opens new window). Also, this data will be rendered to the Vue.js components.

# Table of contents