# Content creation

Go to your Amplience CMS panel.

1) In the Production tab click Create content button.

You will see the selecting content type panel.

*Content types are the special reusable objects that wraps and define your components. More about how to create and manage them you can read here (opens new window).

2) Select the Hero Slider content type.

3) Just after you create Hero Slider (component) you can add some Slides to it. Slides are another content type based components that you can import as a Hero Slider part. Be aware you can define content types on top of your Vue Storefront app components structure.

Here is a Hero Slider component setup. Right next to slides panel you can see the Properties one. Get from here two values that will be important for module integration, the contentId and contentUrl.

4) Optionally you can use preview/staging URL that will provide none cached data. It's good for development usage. Be aware that any change that will be passed trough this URL will be visible immediately. This URL can be found in your settings menu under the Preview position.

Awesome 🎉 Now you can move forward to the content fetching and rendering. This topic and further integration will be covered in the usage tab.