# API Client


If you want to learn how to install the API Client check our Getting Started guide

API Client is a data layer of your eCommerce integration. It provides a friendly abstraction layer over network calls to your eCommerce platform.

It expresses each network request as a declarative method like getProduct or getCategory. By having this additional layer we can hide implementation details of how we get the data which gives you freedom of introducing major changes in this layer without influencing other parts of the app.

API Client by itself is a Vanilla JavaScript application and it doesn't require any frontend framework to run. It's usually not used directly in the UI and is responsible only for providing data to Composition Functions.

# Configuration

storing credentials

Never pass fragile data like API Client secrets as plain strings.

import { setup } from '@vue-storefront/shopify-api'

  domain: 'example.myshopify.com',
  storefrontAccessToken: '28d86b7cb13a0b128fb61e48c6358845'