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ProductGetters interface


export interface ProductGetters<PRODUCT, PRODUCT_FILTER> 


Property Modifiers Type Description
getAttributes (products: PRODUCT[] | PRODUCT, filters?: Array<string>) => Record<string, AgnosticAttribute | string>
getAverageRating (product: PRODUCT) => number
getBreadcrumbs? (product: PRODUCT) => AgnosticBreadcrumb[] (Optional)
getCategoryIds (product: PRODUCT) => string[]
getCoverImage (product: PRODUCT) => string
getDescription (product: PRODUCT) => string
getFiltered (products: PRODUCT[], filters?: PRODUCT_FILTER) => PRODUCT[]
getFormattedPrice (price: number) => string
getGallery (product: PRODUCT) => AgnosticMediaGalleryItem[]
getId (product: PRODUCT) => string
getName (product: PRODUCT) => string
getPrice (product: PRODUCT) => AgnosticPrice
getSlug (product: PRODUCT) => string
getTotalReviews (product: PRODUCT) => number