# Where to start?

This document will show where you should start if you are:

# Considering using Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront is a platform-agnostic e-commerce PWA frontend framework that can work with any eCommerce backend API. Sounds great, right? But that is not all.

With our product, you can easily solve the most common problems in the eCommerce e.g.

Also, we are proud of:

You can visit Introduction or Key conepts pages for more details about Vue Storefront.

Introduction section will guide you through:

Key concepts section will guide you through:

# Developer creating a shop

As a developer, you will be creating more or less advanced shops with many amazing features. Vue Storefront meets your expectations and equips you with everything that can solve the problems you will face. This will reduce the time it takes to deliver your store.

You should start by familiarizing yourself with the Guides category. It includes all you need to know to create a shop successfully. If you want to dive deeper, check out the Advanced category.

Guides section will guide you through:

Advanced section will guide you through:

To be up to date, we recommend following our Roadmap (opens new window) and joining our Discord community (opens new window).

# Integrator

If you are using a custom backend or want to use platforms or technologies not listed on our Integrations page, you likely need to create an integration.

Vue Storefront integrates with a wide range of technologies and each has its own needs, so there is no generic tutorial for all of them.

However, depending on the kind of integrations you want to build, you should familiarize yourself with Building Integration section. Especially integration guide for eCommerce and CMS platforms.

# Designer creating a theme

Our default theme is mostly based on a powerful design system for e-commerce called Storefront UI (opens new window). If you don't want to use it, you can replace it with any other UI library or custom components, by changing the templates in Vue files.

At the start you should familiarize yourself with the specially prepared theme guide.

Theme section will guide you through: