# What is Vue Storefront Enterprise

Vue Storefront Enterprise is currently available only for commercetools

Vue Storefront Enterprise is a commercial offering from the Vue Storefront core team built on top of the Open Source product. Its goal is to give you all the tools you need to launch your shop and provide you with ready-to-use integrations that will reduce the development time and cost of your project.

# What are the differences between Open Source and Enterprise versions?

In Enterprise Edition you're getting everything that's in our Open Source. On top of that we also provide:

Everything with Enterprise badge in the documentation is only available for our Enterprise customers.

You can learn more about our commercial offering on the Enterprise (opens new window) page.

# How to use Vue Storefront Enterprise

Enterprise packages within @vsf-enterprise scope are part of our private registry. To make use of them, create a .npmrc file in the root of your project with the following content:


Then log into your account with your Vue Storefront Enterprise credentials:

npm adduser --registry https://registrynpm.storefrontcloud.io