# Getting started

# Configuring your commercetools integration

If you generated your project from our CLI your shop will be connected to our demo commercetools instance.

If you haven't generated your project just to play with Vue Storefront and understand its capabilities the first thing you should do after setting it up is changing the credentials to point into your instance.

You can generate credentials for commercetools API in commercetools Merchant Center by going into:

Settings > API clients > "Create new api Client" and picking "Mobile & single-page application client" template.

Then paste these credentials into ct config object inside integrations in middleware.config.js:

    ct: {
      location: '@vue-storefront/commercetools-api/server',
      configuration: {
        api: {
          uri: 'https://<SHOP_DOMAIN>.com/vsf-ct-dev/graphql',
          authHost: 'https://auth.sphere.io',
          projectKey: 'vsf-ct-dev',
          clientId: '<CLIENT_ID>',
          clientSecret: '<CLIENT_SECRET>',
          scopes: [
            //* scopes */
        currency: 'USD',
        country: 'US'

There is plenty of other configuration options, and you can check them here

# Configuring other integrations

Depending on the configuration and version of Vue Storefront used, you could have additional integrations to set up. You will find their settings in middleware.config.js