# PayPal payments support

Vue Storefront is supporting PayPal payments with PayPal Payment extension for vue-storefront (opens new window), by Develo Design (opens new window).

# The architecture

Architecture diagram

# Installation

By hand (preferer):

$ git clone git@github.com:develodesign/vsf-payment-paypal.git ./vue-storefront/src/modules/paypal
"paypal": {
  "clientId": "",
  "endpoint": {
    "complete": "http://localhost:8080/api/ext/paypal/complete",
    "setExpressCheckout": "http://localhost:8080/api/ext/paypal/setExpressCheckout"

# Registration the Paypal module

Open in you editor ./src/modules/index.ts

import { Paypal } from './paypal';

export const registerModules: VueStorefrontModule[] = [

# Paypal payment Checkout Review

Under your theme components/core/blocks/Checkout/OrderReview.vue add the following import to your script

import PaypalButton from '@develodesign/vsf-payment-paypal/components/Button'

export default {
  components: {
  computed: {
    payment () {
      return this.$store.state.checkout.paymentDetails

And to your template add the paypal button before button-full:

<paypal-button v-if="payment.paymentMethod === 'paypal_express'"/>
  {{ $t('Place the order') }}

# PayPal payment API extension

Setup dependency to api: cd ../vue-storefront-api yarn add -W @paypal/checkout-server-sdk yarn add -W paypal-nvp-api

Install extension to vue-storefront-api:

$ cp -fr src/modules/paypal/api/paypal ../vue-storefront-api/src/api/extensions/

Go to api config ./vue-storefront-api/config/local.json and register the Paypal Api extension:

"registeredExtensions": [

And add the paypal settings to extensions key:

Add the following also to your config/local.json need set paypal.env to sandbox or live.

  "extensions": {
    "paypal": {
      "env": "sandbox",
      "clientId": "",
      "secret": "",
      "username": "",
      "password": "",
      "signature": ""

# Magento2 integration

Turn on Paypal Express and provide the API credentials using the built in Paypal module. Enable only Express Checkout.

Other Paypal methods are not supported or tested right now.

# Customization

Also we can use paypal.style option for more customizable PayPal button view. For more info PayPal (opens new window).

In Button.vue, the button takes prop styling

"style": {
  "size": "small",
  "color": "gold",
  "shape": "pill"