# Installing theme

The easiest way to create your own theme is to create a copy from one of our official themes. First of all you need to install official theme.

# Install official theme

# Use vsf-cli

If you have already setup VSF and you just want to install the theme, then you can use vsf-cli (opens new window). First install vsf-cli:

// You have to us 0.2.1 version of VSF CLI for VSF1
$ npm i -g @vue-storefront/cli@0.2.1
// or via yarn
$ yarn global add @vue-storefront/cli@0.2.1

Then run command in your project directory:

$ vsf init:theme

Select theme:

$ ? Select theme for Vue Storefront (Use arrow keys)
$ ❯ Capybara - based on Storefront UI 

Select theme version:

$ ? Select theme version (Use arrow keys)
$ ❯ Stable version (recommended for production) 
    In development branch (could be unstable!) 

After that you should have theme in src/themes/{themeName}. Now what you need to do is Create your theme.

# Manual installation

Each theme has its own Readme file on github repository. What you need to do is to follow installation steps described in Readme and then move to Create your theme.

# Create your theme

After official theme installation, you need to copy it and place it in src/themes/{themeName}. Then you need to change its name in its package.json file, change the active theme in config/local.json:

  "theme": "@vue-storefront/theme-myThemeName",

and run yarn to make Lerna (opens new window) linking (which we use for monorepos).

# Our official themes: