# UserService

# Methods

# resetPassword: (email: string) => Promise<Task>

It resets the user password by given email.

# login: (username: string, password: string) => Promise<Task>

It try to login user by given username and password

# register: (customer: DataResolver.Customer, pssword: string) => Promise<Task>

Registering the new user by given user data (customer) and password.

# updateProfile: (userProfile: UserProfile) => Promise<Task>

It updates the current logged user profile (userProfile).

# getProfile: () => Promise<Task>

It fetches the current logged user profile.

# getOrdersHistory: () => Promise<Task>

It fetches order history by current logged user.

# changePassword: (passwordData: PasswordData) => Promise<Task>

It changes the password for current logged user.

# refreshToken: (refreshToken: string) => Promise<string>

It refreshes the token for current user session by given refreshToken.