# Custom URL structure

By default Vue Storefront uses pretty rigid URL structure - where each type of content is kind of "prefixed" like: /p/MH08/product-slug or /c/women-20. Starting with Vue Storefront 1.9 we added the url module including fully customizable url dispatcher.

When config.seo.useUrlDispatcher set to true the product.url_path and category.url_path fields are used as absolute URL addresses (no /c and /p prefixes anymore). Check the latest [mage2vuestorefront] snapshot and reimport Your products to properly set url_path fields.

For example, when the category.url_path is set to women/frauen-20 the product will be available under the following URL addresses:

http://localhost:3000/women/frauen-20 http://localhost:3000/de/women/frauen-20 ...

Please note: The config.products.useShortCatalogUrls should be set to false in order to have urlDispatcher working properly. It may interfere with the Url Dispatcher mechanism. From VS 1.10.rc1 the useShortCatalogUrls option has been removed.

# How to customize the mapping mechanism

The url module contains the Vuex Store actions that are responsible for proper mapping the content with URLs.

By default, the url/mappingFallback (opens new window) action queries first: product/list then category/list actions to check if provided url_path is related to product either category.

Because it's a Vuex action - You might want to override it from Your custom module to customize the mapping logic (for example for: by using the Magento2 URL dispatching mechanism (opens new window)).

With all product/list Vuex action calls the url/registerMapping action is being called for registering the mappings for every particular product or category. Mappings are cached in localStorage so they work in the Offline mode as well + don't require any additional network calls once product/category list has been retrieved.

# Custom URLs for CMS pages and other content types

You can use the Url Dispatcher feature with all content types. The only thing You need to change is to customize the url/mappingFallback Vuex action to properly query other content sources.

# Modules