# Google Accelerated Mobile Pages


This document is archived and NOT relevant with the latest version which is 1.12 at the time of writing. Please keep in mind this document is supposed to help you maintain legacy product, not the fresh installation.

Google Accelerated Mobile pages are available with Vue Storefront 1.6. By default, the Product and Category pages do support AMP. To get the AMP page, you should use the following URL: http://localhost:3000/c/hoodies-and-sweatshirts-24 -> http://localhost:3000/amp/c/hoodies-and-sweatshirts-24. The discovery links are added as <link rel="amphtml" .... The landing pages then distribute the traffic to canonical Vue Storefront links to enable all the features to work (by definition, AMP doesn't support any additional JavaScript).

Important notice

AMP renderer works ONLY IN PRODUCTION MODE as the Layouts and advanced output operations - specifically index.html template switching works only in production. In development mode, there can be CSR/SSR issues so don't even test it in development mode 😃

AMPHTML templates are provided by the src/themes/default-amp special purpose theme, which inherits some parts from the default theme.