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Accelerate your development with pre-built, customizable, and fully functional projects that you can use as a starting point for your own storefronts.

Key Features

Storefronts come with a number of features that help you get started quickly and set you up with a solid foundation following best practices.

  • Pre-configured SDK and middleware
  • Ready-to-customize components and pages built with Storefront UI
  • Type-safe hooks/composables for common e-commerce logic
  • Internationalization support
  • PWA support
  • Good DX with testing, linting, GitHub Actions, and more


Storefronts are projects that come with an SDK and middleware that uses specific integrations. This means that all of the pages use that integration's SDK methods in order to fetch data and are optimized for the data structure of that integration.

They accelerate the development cycle by providing all of the data orchestration that you need to connect your UI to your backends.

Storefront Boilerplates

Boilerplates are projects that come with Vue Storefront's SDK and Middleware set up, but without configuring any specific integrations. The pages will fetch example data using methods from a generic "Boilerplate-SDK" that you can use as a starting point and replace them with the specific integration methods that you need.

They can be useful if you want to start from scratch or if you want to connect to a backend that is not yet supported by a storefront.