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Order normalizer

Order normalizer

  • normalizeOrder: This function is used to map SFCC Order into SfOrder, which includes order details data.
  • normalizeOrderListItem: This function maps SFCC ProductItem into SfOrderListItem which includes only basic order details, used to display an data in an order list.



NameTypeDefault valueDescription
inputOrderSFCC Order
ctxNormalizerContextContext needed for the normalizer. Context contain a currency field that contains a currency code


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
inputProductItemSFCC Order List Element


The SfOrder is returned from the GetOrders Method. If the SfOrder structure doesn't contain the information you need for your Storefront, you can extend its logic using the defineNormalizers function. The following example demonstrates how to extend SfOrder with a shipments field.

import { normalizers as normalizersSFC, defineNormalizers } from "@vsf-enterprise/unified-api-sfcc";

const normalizers = defineNormalizers<typeof normalizersSFCC>()({
  normalizeOrder: (order, context) => ({
    ...normalizersSFCC.normalizeOrder(order, context),
    shipments: order.shipments,


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