# Getting Started

# Requirements

  • Spree 4.2 or later (4.3 preferred for full feature support)
  • Spree Gateway 3.9.4+
  • Node 14

# Connecting integration to Spree

By default, the Vue Storefront application will connect to the API at https://demo.spreecommerce.org. To change it, open middleware.config.js and update it with your own API url.

If you're using Spree 4.2, you'll also need to change the configuration used for spreeFeatures to defaultFeatures.spree42.

module.exports = {
  integrations: {
    spree: {
      location: '@vue-storefront/spree-api/server',
      configuration: {
        backendUrl: process.env.BACKEND_URL,
        assetsUrl: process.env.ASSETS_URL,
        spreeFeatures: defaultFeatures.spree43

In order for the password reset feature to work properly, you need to change the URL of password reset emails to point to: /resetPassword?token=...