# useSearch composable

useSearch composition API function is responsible, as it's name suggests for interactions with searching from your eCommerce. This function returns following values:

  • search - a main querying function that is used to search products from eCommerce platform and populate the products object with the result. Every time you invoke this function API request is made. This method accepts a single params object
    • The params has the following options:
      • perPage (Int) Max number n of elements from the list.
      • term (String) A term string.
  • result: EndpointResult - a main data object that contains an array of products fetched by search method
export type Maybe<T> = T | null;

export type Image = {
  id: Maybe<string>;
  src: Maybe<string>;
  altText: Maybe<string>;

export type Price = {
  amount: Maybe<number>;
  currencyCode: Maybe<string>;

export type Option = {
  name: Maybe<string>;
  value: Maybe<any>;

export type ProductVariant = {
  __typename?: 'ProductVariant';
  _id?: Maybe<Scalars['String']>;
  _description: Maybe<Scalars['String']>;
  _descriptionHtml: Maybe<Scalars['String']>;
  _slug: Maybe<Scalars['String']>;
  _categoriesRef: string[];
  name: Maybe<Scalars['String']>;
  images: Maybe<Scalars['Array']>;
  product?: Maybe<Scalars['Array']>;
  options: Maybe<Scalars['Array']>;
  variantBySelectedOptions?: Maybe<Scalars['Array']>;
  _coverImage: Maybe<Scalars['String']>;
  price: {
    original: number;
    current: number;
  variants?: Maybe<Scalars['Array']>;
  available?: Maybe<Scalars['Boolean']>;
  productType: Maybe<Scalars['String']>;
  _availableForSale?: Maybe<Scalars['Boolean']>;

export type Product = {
  id: Maybe<string>;
  handle: Maybe<string>;
  images: Maybe<Image[]>;
  options: Maybe<Option[]>;
  productType: Maybe<string>;
  publishedAt: Maybe<any>;
  title: Maybe<string>;
  description: Maybe<string>;
  descriptionHtml: Maybe<string>;
  updatedAt: Maybe<any>;
  createdAt: Maybe<any>;
  availableForSale: Maybe<boolean>;
  variants: Maybe<ProductVariant[]>;
  vendor: Maybe<string>;
  • loading - a reactive object containing information about loading state of your search method

# Examples

import { watch } from 'vue'
import { onSSR } from '@vue-storefront/core';
import { useSearch, searchGetters } from '@vue-storefront/shopify';

export default {
  setup(props, context) {
    const { search, result } = useSearch();
    const searchQuery = ref("");
    // Take note of this line the result should be pass through 
    // searchGetters.getItems() to extract only array of Product
    const productsFound = computed(() => searchGetters.getItems(result.value));

    watch(searchQuery, () => {
      if (searchQuery.length > 2) {
        search({ term: searchQuery.value });

    onSSR(async () => {
      await search({ term: "" });

    return {