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Endpoints interface

Definition of all API-client methods available in context (opens new window).


export interface Endpoints 


Method Description
addCartEntry(context, props) Adds a product to the cart and returns a new version of Cart.
addGuestEmailToCart(context, props) Assigns an email to the cart. This step is required to make a guest checkout.
addToCart(context, props) Adds a product to the cart.
addVoucherAndGetNewCartVersion(context, props) Applies coupon code to the cart and returns a new version of cart.
addVoucherToCart(context, props) Applies coupon code to the cart.
changePassword(context, props) Change Password
cloneCart(context, props) Clones cart.
createAddress(context, props) Create a user address.
createCart(context, props) Creates a new cart or restores an anonymous cart as a user's cart (if an old Cart Id is given in the request).
createCartAddress(context, props) Creates an address and assigns it to the cart as the delivery address.
createProductReview(context, props) Creates a new review for product.
createUser(context, props) Create User
deleteAddress(context, props) Delete a user address.
deleteCart(context, props) Remove cart.
deleteCartEntry(context, props) Deletes a product from the cart and returns a new version of Cart.
deleteFromCart(context, props) Removes a product from the cart.
getAddress(context, props) Get one address from current users addresses by addressId.
getAddresses(context, props) Get all addresses of current user.
getAllConsents(context, props) Get all consents
getBaseStore(context, props) Get a Base Store.
getCart(context, props) Returns the cart with a given identifier or creating new one if identifier isn't provided.
getCartDeliveryModes(context, props) Returns all delivery modes supported for the current base store and cart delivery address. A delivery address must be set for the cart, otherwise an empty list will be returned.
getCarts(context, props) Returns the carts for authenticated user.
getCatalogVersion(context, props) Returns information about the catalog version that exists for the current base store. Gets information about catalog version.
getCategory(context, props) Returns a category by id.
getConsent(context, props) Get Consent
getCountries(context, props) Returns a list of supported countries for shipping and billing.
getCountryRegions(context, props) Returns a list of supported regions for a given country.
getPaymentDetailsList(context, props) Get users payment details list
getProduct(context, props) Returns details of a single product according to a product code. Gets product details.
getProductReferences(context, props) Returns Product References as list.
getProductReviews(context, props) Returns review list for product.
getProductSearchPageData(context, props) Returns composed sources for Product Search results page.
getSopPaymentRequest(context, props) Returns the necessary information for creating a subscription that contacts the payment provider directly. This information contains the payment provider URL and a list of parameters that are needed to create the subscription.
getSopPaymentResponse(context, props) Returns information related to creating subscription request results. If there is no response from the payment provider, a "202 Accepted" status is returned. If the subscription is created successfully, the payment details are returned.
getSuggestions(context, props) Returns Suggestions as list.
getTitles(context, props) Returns a list of all localized titles.
getUser(context, props) Get User
getUserOrderHistory(context, props) Get current users order history
getUserOrders(context, props) Get order detail
giveConsent(context, props) Give consent
mockedPSP(context, props) Returns mocked payment provider response.
OAuthUserAuthorization(context, props) Authentication User
OAuthUserRevoke(context) User OAuth2 Logout
OAuthUserTokenRefresh(context) User token refresh. The operation uses the token object retrieved from the cookies which includes the refresh_token.
placeOrder(context, props) Authorizes the cart and places the order.
removeCartAddress(context, props) Deletes the delivery address from the cart.
removeConsent(context, props) Remove consent
removePaymentDetails(context, props) Remove a user payment details
removeVoucherFromCart(context, props) Removes coupon code from the cart.
replaceCartAddress(context, props) Sets a delivery address for the cart.
replaceCartDeliveryMode(context, props) Assigns the delivery mode with a given identifier for the cart.
replaceCartPaymentDetails(context, props) Updates an entry in the cart.
restoreCart(context, props) Restores cart.
saveCart(context, props) Saves cart.
searchProduct(context, props) Returns a list of products and additional data, such as available facets, available sorting, and pagination options.
updateAddress(context, props) Update a user address.
updateCart(context, props) Updates an entry in the cart.
updateCartEntry(context, props) Updates an entry in the cart and returns a new version of Cart
updatePaymentDetails(context, props) Update a user payment details
updateUser(context, props) Update User