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Product interface

Representation of a Product Product


export interface Product 


Property Type Description
availableForPickup? boolean (Optional) Flag defining if product is available for pickup
averageRating? number (Optional) Rating number of average value
baseOptions? Array<BaseOption> (Optional) List of base options related to the product
baseProduct? string (Optional) Information about base product
categories? Array<Category> (Optional) List of categories product belongs to
classifications? Array<Classification> (Optional) List of classifications related to the product
code? string (Optional) Code of the product
configurable? boolean (Optional) Flag stating if product is configurable
configuratorType? string (Optional) Configurator type related to the product
description? string (Optional) Description of the product
futureStocks? Array<FutureStock> (Optional) List of future stocks
images? Array<Image> (Optional) List of images linked to product
manufacturer? string (Optional) Data of product manufacturer
multidimensional? boolean (Optional) Flag stating if product is multidimentional
name? string (Optional) Name of the product
numberOfReviews? number (Optional) Number of reviews associated with the product
potentialPromotions? Array<Promotion> (Optional) List of potential promotions related to the product
price? Price (Optional)
priceRange? PriceRange (Optional)
productReferences? Array<ProductReference> (Optional) List of product references
purchasable? boolean (Optional) Flag defining if product is purchasable
reviews? Array<Review> (Optional) List of reviews associated with the product
stock? Stock (Optional)
summary? string (Optional) Product summary
tags? Array<string> (Optional) Tags associated with the product
url? string (Optional) Url address of the product
variantMatrix? Array<VariantMatrixElement> (Optional) List of variant matrixes associated with the product
variantOptions? Array<VariantOption> (Optional) List of variant options related to the product
variantType? string (Optional) Variant type of the product
volumePrices? Array<Price> (Optional) List of volume prices
volumePricesFlag? boolean (Optional) Flag stating if volume price should be displayed