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Change log

Change log


Patch Changes

  • Updated dependencies 712ba85a6
    • @vue-storefront/middleware@3.9.0


Patch Changes

  • d95379e91: FIXED Type issue in multistore package. Cache control set method returns any type and get returns StoreConfig | undefined. Also, MiddlewareConfiguration type has been removed as it is no longer necessary.


Major Changes

  • 8ea533e05: CHANGED We standardized the way of creating and configuring multistore extension. Previously, the extension was created by importing multistoreExtension from @vue-storefront/multistore and passing it to the extensions function. Configuration was passed to the extension by adding multistore property to the configuration object. Now, the extension is created by calling createMultistoreExtension from @vue-storefront/multistore and passing the multistore configuration to it.
    - import { multistoreExtension } from "@vue-storefront/multistore";
    + import { createMultistoreExtension } from "@vue-storefront/multistore";
    import { multistoreConfig } from "./multistore.config";
    export default {
      integrations: {
        sapcc: {
          location: "@vue-storefront/sapcc-api/server",
          configuration: {
            // ...
    -        multistore: multistoreConfig,
          extensions: (predefinedExtensions) => [
    -        multistoreExtension,
    +        createMultistoreExtension(multistoreConfig),
  • 8ea533e05: FIXED singleton cache issue, previously the cache was a singleton which could lead to unexpected behaviour when extension was used in different integrations in parallel. Now, the cache is being created during extension creation, what ensures proper cache behaviour.


Patch Changes

  • 3410b778a: FIXED Unified Multistore not exposing types at its entrypoint; previously, type definitions were inaccessible, leading to integration issues. Now, types are correctly exposed, enhancing TypeScript integration and accessibility.