# Product Types

Magento has different types of products, and each of them requires a different way of presenting data. To address this problem, we introduced Vue components for the four most commonly used product types:

  • Simple
  • Grouped
  • Configurable
  • Bundle

These components are located in the modules/catalog/product/components/product-types folder.

# Product rendering

The modules/catalog/pages/product.vue component that powers the /product route dynamically switches between components based on the type of the current product.

Firstly, components for all product types are registered using dynamic imports:

export default {
  components: {
    SimpleProduct: () => import('...'),
    BundleProduct: () => import('...'),
    ConfigurableProduct: () => import('...'),
    GroupedProduct: () => import('...'),

Then, the renderer variable reads the type of the current product based on the data from Magento API (with a fallback to the simple type).

const renderer = computed(() => product.value?.__typename ?? ProductTypeEnum.SIMPLE_PRODUCT);

Component passes this variable to the :is attribute of the dynamic <component> to switch between product components.



# How to add a custom product type?

To add support for custom product types, create a new component inside the modules/catalog/product/components/product-types folder.

It should accept two props:

  • product (type: Product) - product object fetched from the API,
  • isFetching (type: boolean) - a flag indicating whether the product.vue components currently fetches product data .
export default {
  props: {
    product: {
      type: [Object, null] as PropType<Product>,
      default: null,
    isFetching: {
      type: Boolean,
      default: true,

Then, open the modules/catalog/pages/product.vue file and register the newly created component in the components object using dynamic import. Make sure that the name of this component matches the __typename value returned from the Magento API.

Once done, the page should dynamically import the component and feed it with product data.