# Configuring Magento store

This guide explains the step needed to install and set up Magento 2 store for Vue Storefront.

# Prerequisites

Before you can get started, you need:

  • Docker Desktop to setup Magento 2 locally,
  • Magento Marketplace account to download Magento 2. To create it, visit this page (opens new window).

# Creating the Magento 2 store

We're going to install Magento 2 inside the server folder. Run the following commands to create a server folder first:

mkdir server
cd server

# 1. Get Magento Marketplace access keys

Registry that stores Magento and other third-party packages require authentication. You'll need to generate access keys in the Magento Marketplace to install them.

Follow the Get your authentication keys (opens new window) guide to generate new access keys.

Access keys generated in Magento Marketplace

# 2. Install Magento 2 store

To simplify the setup, let's use the markshust/docker-magento (opens new window) script.

Run the command below to create the store. It will ask you for the Username and Password. Use your public access key as a username and your private access key as a password from the previous step.

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/markshust/docker-magento/master/lib/onelinesetup | bash -s -- magento.test 2.4.4

# 3. Setup authentication

In the Magento 2 folder, copy the src/auth.json.sample file and rename it to src/auth.json. You can do it manually or use the following command:

cp src/auth.json.sample src/auth.json

Update the username and password values with your Magento public and private keys.

    "http-basic": {
        "repo.magento.com": {
            "username": "a1c69cb…",
            "password": "af041560…"

Finally, copy the file to the container by running the following command:

bin/copytocontainer auth.json

# 4. Increase default GraphQL query complexity

For security reasons, Magento 2, by default, allows maximum GraphQL query complexity of 300 and depth of 20. You need to change these values using the GraphQL CustomConfig module (opens new window), which allows configuring these values in the admin panel.

To install the Magento 2 GraphQL Config module, run the following commands on your Magento installation:

bin/composer require caravelx/module-graphql-config
bin/magento module:enable Caravel_GraphQlConfig
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento setup:di:compile
bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

Then go to the admin panel, find the configuration panel of the GraphQL CustomConfig module, and set:

  • complexity to 1500,
  • depth to 20.

For more information, see the GraphQL security configuration (opens new window) page.

# 5. Populate store with sample data (optional)

In the Magento 2 folder, execute the commands below to add sample data to your store.

bin/magento sampledata:deploy

Then update the configuration:

bin/magento setup:upgrade