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Change Log

Change Log


Major Changes

  • Implemented @vue-storefront/sdk-axios-request-sender package in all SDK methods. Also, getCategory, getBaseStore, getCatalogVersion, getCountries, getCountryRegions, getProduct, getProductReferences, getProductReviews, getProductSearchPageData, getSearchSuggestions, getTitles, searchProduct methods now send GET instead of POST requests to Vue Storefront's Server Middleware.


Minor Changes

  • Update packages to be compatibile with node >= 16 < 19

Patch Changes

  • Updated dependencies [3f1112d4]:
    • @vsf-enterprise/sap-commerce-webservices-sdk@3.1.0


Minor Changes

  • Adds support for generic methods in SAPCC SDK


Patch Changes

  • Update SDK dependency


This is the stable release of the 1.0.0 version of the @vsf-enterprise/sapcc-sdk package.

In this release we:

  • covered 100% features the @vsf-enterprise/sapcc-api functionalities,
  • created a new documentation focused on the SDK usage,
  • made the module compatible with v1.0.0 of the @vue-storefront/sdk package.