Supported Features

Supported Features

This page shows the SAP Commerce Cloud features supported by this integration.

Category & Product

FeatureIs supported
Getting a product
Getting product references
Getting product suggestions
Searching for products
Getting product reviews
Creating a product review
Fetching a category
Fetching a category tree with catalog version
Fetching combined product & category data

Cart - primary operations

FeatureIs supported
Creating a cart
Fetching a cart
Deleting a cart
Cloning a cart
Restoring a cart
Saving a cart

Cart - operations on entries

FeatureIs supported
Adding cart entry
Adding cart entry and getting cart
Removing cart entry
Removing cart entry and getting cart
Updating cart entry
Updating cart entry and getting cart

Cart - checkout operations

FeatureIs supported
Assigning email to a cart
Creating a cart address
Removing a cart address
Replacing a cart address
Fetching cart delivery modes
Replacing cart delivery mode
Creating cart payment details (Used for demo purposes only)🚧 Partial
Replacing cart payment details (Used for demo purposes only)🚧 Partial
Adding cart voucher
Adding cart voucher and getting cart
Removing cart voucher

Payment & Order

FeatureIs supported
Getting user order
Placing an order
Getting mocked payment request
Getting mocked payment response

Registration & Session management

FeatureIs supported
Creating a user
Fetching a user
Signing a user in
Signing a user out
Refreshing user token

User data & Operations

FeatureIs supported
Updating a user
Changing user password
Getting user address
Getting user addresses
Creating user address
Deleting user address
Updating user address
Fetching user carts
Fetching user order history
FeatureIs supported
Fetching consent templates
Giving a consent
Removing a consent
Getting a consent template


FeatureIs supported
Fetching countries
Fetching country regions
Fetching titles
Fetching base store configuration