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Consent management

Consent management


This section will cover the basics of fetching consent templates, giving consent and removing consent.

To fetch consent templates, you can use the getConsentTemplates method.

import { sdk } from '~/sdk';

const { consentTemplates } = await sdk.commerce.getConsentTemplates();

To give consent, you can use the giveConsent method. It requires consentTemplateId as a parameter.

import { sdk } from '~/sdk';

const givenConsent = await sdk.commerce.giveConsent({
  consentTemplateId: 'MARKETING_NEWSLETTER',
  consentTemplateVersion: 0

To remove consent, you can use the removeConsent method. It requires consentCode as a parameter.

import { sdk } from '~/sdk';

await sdk.commerce.removeConsent({ consentCode: '000007PU' });