# Ch 12. Open Multistores

In this chapter, we are going to cover :

# 0. Introduction

You have contents, you have products to sell, and you are successful in selling your products online. Now what? Expand. In this global era, every aspect needed to go online global is at your finger tip waiting for your decision to go global. No matter how successful are you, however, you still need to know the subtle difference of each market in order to land in a new frontier gracefully.

Each market more than often requires you to prepare your stores ready to serve different context in terms of languages, tax regulation, currency notation and price policy. And the list goes on. Vue Storefront provides you with features for handling these issues out of the box.

Other than going global, Multistores also give you various options when you want to serve a variety of customer segmentation. The limit is your imagination.

In this chapter, we are going to discuss the all aspects you need to consider before expanding your stores.

# 1. Multistores up and running

Many e-commerce open sources provide with multistores features out of the box. One notable example is Magento 2 without a doubt. In this recipe, we will examine setting up multistores on Vue Storefront connected to Magento 2 as the backend.

# 2. i18n in Multistores

# 3. Tax in Multistores

# 4. Price and currency

# 5.