# Modal component

Simple modal component. Visibility of modal container is based on internal state isVisible. We can set this state with the $emit event on the global $bus event.

# Basic usage

# Component markup

<modal name="modal-example">
  <div> Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. </div>

# Available events:

<button @click="$bus.$emit('modal-toggle', 'modal-example')">Example</button>
<button @click="$bus.$emit('modal-show', 'modal-example')">Example</button>
<button @click="$bus.$emit('modal-hide', 'modal-example')">Example</button>

# Available props

Prop Type Required Default Description
name String true Unique name of modal
delay Number false 300 Timeout to show modal
width Number false 0 Optional fixed width of content, in pixels
transitionName String false 'fade-in-down' Content transition style

# Available Methods

Method Argument Description
toggle state: Boolean Manually toggles a modal
close Alias for manually hides a modal. Helpful for Close button

# Styles

Core component doesn't have CSS styles. If you want to see an example of our implementation please look here

# Transitions

The default theme defines one transition, fade-in-down, which can be seen here. This is the default value for the transitionName prop. Further transitions can be defined in a custom theme by following this example. Vue transitions are explained here.

To have modal content display immediately, without any transition, just supply an empty string for the transitionName prop. For example:

<modal name="modal-example" transition-name="" :delay="0" :width="600">
  <!-- modal content goes here -->