# Optimizing images

# The @nuxt/image package

@nuxt-image is enabled by default. The default setup uses Cloudinary as a provider, with the following configuration in nuxt.config.js:

export default {

  image: {
    provider: 'cloudinary',
      cloudinary: {
        baseURL: process.env.NUXT_IMAGE_PROVIDER_BASE_URL,
        storagePrefix: process.env.NUXT_IMAGE_PROVIDER_STORAGE_PREFIX,
        uploadDir: process.env.NUXT_IMAGE_PROVIDER_UPLOAD_DIR


storagePrefix and uploadDir corresponds to your Cloudinary account's URL Prefix and Folder from Auto upload mapping settings. By default, EPCC stores the assets in S3 bucket.

Values for the default configuration are provided from the environment variables.

If the image configuration is not present in nuxt.config.js the default provider for @nuxt/image is ipx.

For more information on @nuxt/image configuration options please follow the configuration section of the @nuxt/image docs page (opens new window).