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Integrations allow you to integrate popular logging tools such as New Relic or DataDog.

To add an integration, click the Add button on the right side of any integration section, as shown below:

VSF Console Add Integration

This will open a modal that will allow you to add a configuration for that integration. In this example case it is a New Relic integration and here we are asked to provide both API Insert Key and License Key, as shown below:

VSF Console New Relic

Once we add all the required keys and press the Save button, the modal will close and the button that was previously labeled Add is now labeled Edit instead. This indicates that the integration was successfully configured, as shown below:

VSF Console Enabled Integraion

After clicking the Edit button you can modify the integration configuration, by changing the values of the variables or removing the integration completely.

The configuration for Datadog works very similarly, as shown below:

VSF Console DataDog

You are asked to provide the API Key variable and select whether you want additional Datadog integrations such as Logs or APM.