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The Domains Page allows you to modify settings related to the domain of your environment. Here, you can add and configure WWW Redirects, Default Domains, and manage Custom Domains

This page is divided into three main sections corresponding to environment settings as shown below:

VSF Console Domains Page

The first two sections can be enabled/disabled by pressing on the radio buttons on the right side of the card while the third one requires additional steps to configure, which are explained below.

Custom Domains

Here, you can add a custom domain that will be added to your environment as one of the domains/URLs where the application will be configured to be accessible. Keep in mind that this will require proper configuration in your DNS provider to make it work.

To add a custom domain, click the Add Domain button located at the bottom of the Custom Domains card section, as shown below:

VSF Console Add Custom Domain

This will open a modal that will ask you for the new custom domain that you want to add to this environment configuration. When you are ready, add the custom domain you desire and click Save button.

VSF Console Add Custom Domain Modal

After custom domains is successfully added, it will appear in the list of available and configured custom domains in this section, as well as the notification in the top right corner with the confirmation Custom Domains have been successfully updated, as shown below:

VSF Console New Custom Domain

You can also modify the existing domains by pressing the Edit button on the right side of the listed item. This will open a modal with the input that allows you to modify the Domain address.

VSF Console Modify Custom Domain

If you decided that you no longer need a custom domain, you can remove it by pressing the Remove data button. This will change the state of the modal to the look like the example shown below:

VSF Console Remove Custom Domain

Removing the custom domain also removes any associated Uptime checks. You can read more about them here

If you would like to learn more about Domains, visit VSF Cloud documentation here