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Deployment script

Deployment script

From the Environment on the Side Navigation choose Settings -> Deployment script.

Page and feature available only for an Organization Owner.

When deploying a new environment via VSF Console, by default, it will have a deployment script generated so that a new version of the project can be automatically deployed to VSF Cloud after each push to the main branch.

Copying Deployment script

In some cases (for example deploying a custom repository to the environment domain) you may want to just copy the script responsible for deploying to VSF Cloud and just add it to another environment.

You have access to preview and copy the Deployment script.

After copying the deployment script, you can now add it to the repository you want and deploy it to Vue Storefront Cloud.


If some features don't work, it may be because you're using a legacy deployment script. The latest script is always available in Console.

Deployment markers

To ensure the proper display of deployment markers on the charts, you need to call the following Console endpoint in your deployment script:


If this call is missing in the deployment script, the deployment markers will not show up.