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CDN works only for environments deployed to VSF Console and Google Cloud Platform.

Here, you can configure advanced settings for your environment such as CDN.

Enable CDN

CDN is responsible for caching SSR Application Responses. It is available only in environments that don't use Basic Auth.

VSF Console CDN

To enable CDN for your environment, click the radio button on the right side of the CDN card so that it changes the state as shown below:

VSF Console Enable CDN

CDN Cache Invalidation

You can easily invalidate the CDN Cache by using the following card. The only thing you need to provide here is the path that you want to invalidate, i.e. /*. Then click Invalidate button at the bottom as shown below:

VSF Console CDN Cache Invalidation

This will trigger the invalidation process on specified path. After the request is successfull you should see the success notification as indicated below:

VSF Console CDN Cache Invalidation Notification

If you would like to learn more about CDN and SSR Cache, visit VSF Cloud documentation here