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The alerting policy list is based on two types of triggers: events and treshholds. They are all monitored on an ongoing basis. To receive a message about an incident immediately - subscribe to the alert.

The Alerts page will look a bit different depending on whether you are an Organization owner or member. As a member you will be able to see the environment alerting policies and you will be able to subscribe to them. However, as owner, you will be able to create, modify, and remove policies, and add/remove subscribers.

VSF Console Environment Navigation

After clicking the Alerts button in the navigation drawer, you will be redirected to the Alerts page. When you log in for the first time, you most likely won't see any policies enabled as your organization owner needs to create them first.

VSF Console Alerting Page without policies

If policies are already enabled for your environment, you should see policies listed like in the screenshot below:

VSF Console Alerting Page

Subscribing to policy

You can subscribe to a policy to receive email notifications when that policy is triggered (i.e. after several 5XX responses).

To subscribe to a policy, click the switch button on the right side of the policy tile as shown below:

VSF Console Subscribing to Alerting Policy

After clicking it, it should change the state to subscribed - a label and the switch color should be changed as shown in the screenshot below:

VSF Console Subscribed to Alerting Policy

Once subscribed, you will begin receiving email notifications once the policy is triggered.

Creating new policies

You can create up to three alerting policies for each environment:

  • Uptime check fail alert
  • HTTP 5XX
  • HTTP 4XX

To create new alert click Add New Alert button located in the bottom left corner of the Alerting page like shown below:

VSF Console Add New Alert

This will open a modal that will list the available policies to create. Select a policy and click Next to proceed:

VSF Console Choose Alert Policy

Here, you will be asked whether you would like to use the subscribers from an existing policy or to add them later.

VSF Console Choose Subscribers

Select the second option so that we can add subscribers later:

VSF Console Add Subscribers Later

After clicking Add Alert it will create a new alert that can be seen below:

VSF Console New Alert

The button to add new policies will be automatically hidden once you reach the limit of three policies.

Managing policies

This page is only accessible for Organization Owners.

As an Organization owner you can add and remove environment alerting policies.

Adding policies was explained in the previous section. To remove an environment alerting policy, click Edit Policy button:

VSF Console Edit Policy

This will open a modal with further details about that policy like the name of the policy and the number of subscribers. Click Delete Alert button to proceed with the policy deletion:

VSF Console Alert Details

Another modal will be open to confirm the alerting policy deletion:

VSF Console Alert Confirm Deletion

After that, a policy will be removed and all previously subscribed emails wont receive any new notifications about it.

Managing subscribers

This page is only accessible for Organization Owners.

As an Organization owner you can add and remove other subscribers for this environment alerting policy.

To add a new subscriber to the policy, click the Manage Subscribers dropdown button:

VSF Console Manage Subscribers

This will open an accordion of items where each item will be a subscribed email address (in the example below, the list is empty because there are not yet any subscribed emails). Apart from that, there will be an autocomplete component that allows you to add a new email after typing it:

VSF Console Add New Subscriber

After typing a new email address and clicking Add button, a new subscriber will be added to the list:

VSF Console New Subscriber

To remove a subscriber, click the Remove button on the right side of the subscriber item in the dropdown:

VSF Console Remove Subscriber

A new modal will open up to confirm subscriber deletion. Click Remove to confirm and delete this subscriber from the policy:

VSF Console Confirm Remove Subscriber

After that, user will be removed from the policy and will not receive more notifications about this environment.