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Filters are located in the top section of the Dashboard as shown below:

VSF Console Filters

Filters are great for working with multiple environments. They make it easy to display only the environments you need by filtering out the rest.

Filters can be divided into two groups:

  1. Region with the map marker icon
  2. Environment Type - with the disk icon

These labels are also displayed for each environment tile as shown below:

VSF Console Environment Labels

Filtering by label

To filter the environment list by a specific label, click on the label, as demonstrated below:

VSF Console Filter Environment List

The list has been filtered based on the selected label, and you'll now see only the results that match it, as displayed below:

VSF Console Filtered List of Environments

Filtering by multiple labels

You can also filter by both region and environment type labels simultaneously. This is handy when you want to see environments that match a specific query, like Production environments in Europe.

VSF Console Filtered List of Environments by Multiple Labels

Currently, the environment list appears the same as there are only 3 environments from the same region. However, if there were more environments from various regions, this filter would correctly display only those that match both labels.

When filtering labels from the same group, it's like an OR operation. This means the list will be filtered to show results that match either label, as demonstrated below:

VSF Console Filtered List of Environments by Same Labels

The result of joining these labels shows environments that are either Production or Staging.

Clearing filters

To clear filters, you can either click the Clear Filters button on the right side of the filters or manually unselect all labels. Once done, the environment list will return to its initial state.