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Environment Tiles

Environment Tiles

Environment Tiles are front and center in the dashboard as shown below:

VSF Console Environment Tile

Each Environment Tile contains information about the deployment environment in VSF Cloud:

  1. Name -> VSF Demo Dev 1
  2. Domain ->
  3. Status -> healthy
  4. Last Deployment Date -> 03/02/2023, 11:29:22 CET
  5. Deployed Version Hash -> 82d1492ccd8682bea3f24ee4f3
  6. Labels -> Development and europe-west1

Additionally, there are two buttons that provide extra functionality:

  1. Settings - Clicking this button will take you to the Environment Settings page where you can adjust variables, check logs, set alerting policies, and more. For more information, see the Environment section.
  2. Open your shop repository - Clicking this button will open the environment GitHub repository in a new tab.