# useMakeOrder

# Features

useMakeOrder composable is responsible for making an order


  • make - function for making an order. This method accepts a single optional params object. The params has the following option:

    • customQuery?: CustomQuery

      type CustomQuery = {
        createMyOrderFromCart: string
  • order: Order - a main data object that contains a made order.

    type Order = Versioned & {
      __typename?: "Order";
      customerId?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>;
      customer?: Maybe<Customer>;
      customerEmail?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>;
      anonymousId?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>;
      lineItems: Array<LineItem>;
      customLineItems: Array<CustomLineItem>;
      totalPrice: Money;
      taxedPrice?: Maybe<TaxedPrice>;
      shippingAddress?: Maybe<Address>;
      billingAddress?: Maybe<Address>;
      inventoryMode: InventoryMode;
      taxMode: TaxMode;
      taxRoundingMode: RoundingMode;
      taxCalculationMode: TaxCalculationMode;
      customerGroup?: Maybe<CustomerGroup>;
      customerGroupRef?: Maybe<Reference>;
      country?: Maybe<Scalars["Country"]>;
      shippingInfo?: Maybe<ShippingInfo>;
      discountCodes: Array<DiscountCodeInfo>;
      refusedGifts: Array<CartDiscount>;
      refusedGiftsRefs: Array<Reference>;
      paymentInfo?: Maybe<PaymentInfo>;
      locale?: Maybe<Scalars["Locale"]>;
      shippingRateInput?: Maybe<ShippingRateInput>;
      origin: CartOrigin;
      storeRef?: Maybe<KeyReference>;
      store?: Maybe<Store>;
      itemShippingAddresses: Array<Address>;
      completedAt?: Maybe<Scalars["DateTime"]>;
      orderNumber?: Maybe<Scalars["String"]>;
      orderState: OrderState;
      stateRef?: Maybe<Reference>;
      state?: Maybe<State>;
      shipmentState?: Maybe<ShipmentState>;
      paymentState?: Maybe<PaymentState>;
      syncInfo: Array<SyncInfo>;
      returnInfo: Array<ReturnInfo>;
      lastMessageSequenceNumber: Scalars["Long"];
      cartRef?: Maybe<Reference>;
      cart?: Maybe<Cart>;
      /** This field contains non-typed data. Consider using `customFields` as a typed alternative. */
      customFieldsRaw?: Maybe<Array<RawCustomField>>;
      /** This field would contain type data */
      customFields?: Maybe<Type>;
      custom?: Maybe<CustomFieldsType>;
      id: Scalars["String"];
      version: Scalars["Long"];
      createdAt: Scalars["DateTime"];
      lastModifiedAt: Scalars["DateTime"];
      createdBy?: Maybe<Initiator>;
      lastModifiedBy?: Maybe<Initiator>;
      /** Custom fields are returned as a list instead of an object structure. */
      customFieldList?: Maybe<Array<CustomField>>;
  • loading: boolean - a reactive object containing information about the loading state of your make method.

  • error: UseMakeOrderErrors - a reactive object containing the error message, if load or save failed for any reason.

    interface UseMakeOrderErrors {
      make?: Error;

# Getters

We do not provide getters for checkout and its parts.

# Example

import { useMakeOrder } from '@vsf-enterprise/commercetools';

export default {
  setup () {
    const { make, order } = useMakeOrder();
    return {