# Features

# Hosting

# Kubernetes & Google Cloud Platform

We use the Kubernetes - the best, Google-originated orchestration tool globally - and team it with Google Cloud Platform. The usage of the tools from one company - the company that doesn’t shy away from pointing performance as one of the key-value - guarantees makes large-scale eCommerce run as fast as possible.

# Production-ready setup

To reduce the number of hours needed to go live with a fully working e-store, we deliver the entire cloud infrastructure ready-to-implement. All you need to do is clone the delivered repository and customize it, making your time-to-market significantly shorter.

# Scalability

Cloud-native infrastructure enables to handle dynamic traffic peaks by automatically adding or removing resources. This model leaves merchants confident that their webshops always meet current demands in terms of organic traffic.

# Automatic backups

Our support team provides daily backups, which makes testing new solutions safely. You can freely reach out for the newest solutions, battle-test them, and then decide if you want to keep or remove them. Daily backups we deliver by default make your business consistency perfectly secured.

# Multi regions

With multi-region deployment models provided by Google Cloud Platform, you can lower the latency factor by choosing regions close to the users. It enables you to serve content faster to the user from the nearest area, and - as we all know - performance is the foundation of conversion.

# Fastest CDN

To improve site performance, Google Cloud CDN supports modern protocols initially developed at Google, like HTTP/2 and QUIC. Thanks to them, Google Cloud CDN enables websites to serve millions of requests per day seamlessly, taking care of delivering superb user experience across all touchpoints.

# Security by design

Security is our top priority, and we are treated that field multithreaded, using trustworthy tools and the best-field-tested methods.

# Password

All sensitive data, passwords included, are stored in fully encrypted banks, to which - according to internet policy we established - the access to them is limited to the minimum necessary.


SSL, the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure and guarding sensitive data, is a feature we provide by default.


Google Cloud, which we use, provides the full coverage of GDPR requirements.

# Custom applications

We deliver the entire setup ready-to-implement, but it doesn’t imply any limitation in terms of its customizations. If you are willing to change, switched, or expand the provided setup, there are no obstacles to do that.

# 24/7 monitoring

Our internal monitoring systems enable you to prevent lagging time before they become noticeable to users. We can see whether the danger is coming and point out the moment when you should take some action to prevent it. With it, the dynamic traffic peaks are not a problem for the stability of your site.

# SLA & Support

The Vue Storefront Cloud team will guarantee 99,8% SLA for the infrastructure and Vue Storefront-based app.

# Access and errors log

We can insert access and error logs in any systems that you prefer.

# Gitlab / Github source-code management

Part of the Cloud service is Git repository hosting and a Git-based deployment process. We are offering this to our clients with private Gitlab accounts, available here: https://code.storefrontcloud.io

# Automatic deployments

Each deployment is managed via storefrontcloud-cli and the GitLab repository. We are using a fully automatic deployment flow with the evidence of changes (git-log) and a simple restore process in case of any failure.

# CLI access to env (via kubect)

The platform is accessible and manageable via the storefrontcloud-cli tool. It’s a dedicated tool to manage the Kubernetes cluster and Vue Storefront deployments, backups, and logs. Here is more about it: Storefront Cloud

# Access via API

Our API-first attitude is not limited to the software architecture. All Vue Storefront Cloud config options are available via API as well.

# All of the Commercetools OOTB Features ready on environment

Vue Storefront s the front-end of choice as the solution that provides full, out-of-the-box coverage of commercetools features, saving time and money needed to go live with the project. Here is a list of technical specifics: @todo insert pictures

All of the UI elements above come as a default part of the commercetools integration. It is not only possible but strongly encouraged to treat them as a starting point and customize them to individual branding guides.

# API Integrations with third-party services OOTB

One of Vue Storefront architecture’s core assumptions is its flexibility, so the list of integrations we provided is growing every day. Now, it offers a wide range of standard integrations and an API that users can use to sync other applications with their own backend systems.

# DDoS Protection & GEO-Fencing

We provide you with complete geofencing and DDoS protection by giving you full control over which country your store is available in.