Custom domain and custom TLS/SSL certificate

All instances are publicly available through a subdomain of our main domain. Your default domain will be created according to the following pattern: <instance-name>.<region>.<provider> Each instance has a TLS certificate configured out of the box. We use Let's Encrypt (opens new window) which is a free solution that enables to issue certificates that provide a secured connection to your application.

Custom domain

You can add a custom domain according to your needs. We will provide you with all the necessary information to set up the DNS configuration properly. Custom domains can still use Let's Encrypt free certificates.


Using CDN and custom domain you have to set a custom secret otherwise the Let's Encrypt certificate will be replaced by the default certificate for CDN each time when the instance is updated by our API.

Example API configuration for custom domain and CDN:

  "ingress": {
    "custom_domain": {
      "domains": [
        {"name":"", "secret_name": "custom-my-first-domain-tls"},
        {"name":"", "secret_name": "custom-my-second-domain-tls"}
    "gcp_cloud_cdn": {
      "enabled": true

For more detail visit API documentation.

In case of any questions contact our support to get more information.

Custom certificate

Of course if you want to have full control over TLS certificate of your instance you can buy and deliver your own certificate.

Contact us - we will arrange a safe method of transporting that TLS certificate to us.