This version of the documentation is related to Vue Storefront V1 and is marked as deprecated. For the current (v2) docs, visit the recent version.

Switch Namespace

The Kubernetes Namespace implies the website you're accessing. By default, you get two namespaces:

  • instance-storefrontcloud-io - which is the main, public instance (accessible via,
  • instance-test-storefrontcloud-io - which is the second development/test, instance (accessible via

You may switch the instance any time with the following command:

node scripts/cli.js namespace

As you may observe, after setting the proper namespace, storefrontcloud-cli gets the available PODs and storing the PODs cache in the .storefrontcloud.pods.cache file.

Important note: You may call the commands within different namespaces even without changing the default namespace (namespace command). It's possible by just using the --ns <namespace> parameter, which is supported by all commands.