This version of the documentation is related to Vue Storefront V1 and is marked as deprecated. For the current (v2) docs, visit the recent version.

Switch POD

To switch the current POD, you should run:

node scripts/cli.js pod

This command will run the interactive UI to switch the POD:

Another option, if you already know your POD name, is to run this command in silent mode:

node scripts/cli.js pod --pod=vue-storefront-848799bd5d-zvcd4  

This will set the current POD to vue-storefront-848799bd5d-zvcd4. Note: You may also switch the POD by using the role name. The following command:

node scripts/cli.js pod --pod=front  

... will also set the current POD to vue-storefront-848799bd5d-zvcd4

The current POD, along with the current Namespace name, will be used with all subsequent cli calls setting the proper context. You may also use the --pod=<podname>|<rolename> to switch the POD ad-hoc.