This version of the documentation is related to Vue Storefront V1 and is marked as deprecated. For the current (v2) docs, visit the recent version.

Import products from Magento2

Since 1.5 release, the Vue Storefront API contains the mage2vuestorefront (opens new window) data importer instance which can be used to import the data from your Magento2 instance:

node scripts/cli.js import

Please note: Magento2 API credentials need to be set in the vue-storefront-api/config/local.json in your repository. Please configure access according to the following docs (opens new window) and push to your Storefront Cloud Code Access (opens new window).

Please note: The mage2vuestorefront data bridge supports many other working modes (for example on-demand indexing). If you're interested in these, please contact the Cloud Team (opens new window) to set up the details.