This version of the documentation is related to Vue Storefront V1 and is marked as deprecated. For the current (v2) docs, visit the recent version.

Make ElasticSearch data dump

We use the elasticdump (opens new window) configured along with the vue-storefront-api container to perform the ElasticSearch data dumps. By default, the index used in the vue-storefront-api:config/local.json:elasticsearch.indices is backed up. Typically, it's vue_storefront_catalog.

By executing the ElasticSearch data dump, the Storefront Cloud CLI will execute the following sequence of commands:

  • use elasticdump to dump the data to the var/catalog.json on the server,
  • transfer the file using kubectl cp to localhost.

The command:

node scripts/cli.js dump --output=catalog.json

Note: The data dump command works only on the PODs with the api role. The command will try to guess the POD unless the --pod= switch is used.